Cargo transport

National transport

For many years we have transported loads throughout the country and abroad. We offer our customers national and international transport to/from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain. We always adapt the place of loading and unloading the goods individually to the needs of our customers.

International transport

At the same time, the continuous development and constant expansion of our own fleet does not limit us to these directions. Our priority is to transport your loads on high-quality vehicles that additionally meet high exhaust emission standards. We implement national and international transports in a timely and safe manner. The security of the order executed in the field of national and international transport is ensured by the best, experienced drivers. National transport covers the entire territory of Poland. We approach each of our customers individually, offering a professional choice of means of transport depending on the transported load. By ordering national transport through our company, you can be sure that it will arrive on time.

Cargo Transport is a professional transport company, and thus every transported load is covered by insurance for the duration of transport.

Charitable activity
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